Akdeniz: Dünya devriminin yeni havzası!

The Mediterranean: new basin of world revolution!

البحر الأبيض: الحوض الجديد للثورة العالمية

مدیترانه: حوزه جدید انقلاب جهانی

Il Mediterraneo: nuovo bacino della rivoluzione mondiale!

Μεσόγειος: Νέα λεκάνη της παγκόσμιας επανάστασης!

Derya Sıpî: Deşta nû a şoreşa cihânê

Միջերկրական ծով: նոր ավազանում համաշխարհային հեղափոխության.

El Mediterráneo: Nueva cuenca de la revolución mundial!

La Méditerranée: nouveau bassin la révolution mondiale!

Mediterrâneo: bacia nova da revolução mundial!

EEK and ANTARSYA join forces for snap elections in Greece

​The Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK – Trotskyists) announces its participation at the elections of September 20, in cooperation with the front ANTARSYA.

​These “fast track” elections, which Tsipras has called after the outcry he roused through the adoption of the third Memorandum and the capitulation to local and international lenders, are held within the context of a deterioration of the global, structural and systemic crisis of capitalism, with wars spreading from eastern Europe (Ukraine) to the Middle East and Africa, with hundreds of desperate refugees drowned in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, in conditions of complete economic and political bankruptcy and crisis of power in Greece, and extreme shame for the last crutch of bourgeois power, the left reformist SYRIZA.

​Within these critical conditions, EEK considers necessary the creation of a united front of class struggle in order to give a working class response to the crisis, to attack the local and foreign capital loan sharks, a response to the enormous unemployment, to the closure of factories and small shops, to impoverishment and dehumanization.

​We say: YES, there is a solution to the historic and systemic crisis of capitalism. A class solution, with the overturning of the power of the parties of the Memorandum block, by exiting the system of crisis and decline, with the establishment of workers' power and a socialist program in the economy with direct self-management of the workers themselves, without bosses and bureaucrats.

​We urgently need a united front of struggle on a class basis, rather than amorphous unity patterns with shadows of the bourgeoisie, a front against nationalism, racism, fascism and imperialism. On this basis, we believe that the cooperation with the comrades of ANTARSYA is a step forward in the development of the workers’ emancipatory movement.


 ​Below is the joint statement of ANTARSYA - EEK:


​Delegations from ANTARSYA and EEK have met and discussed the political developments and the possibility of political and electoral cooperation at the elections of September 20th.

​ANTARSYA presented an appeal for open political cooperation and an agreement was reached on the basic programmatic points. The common ground is that the first task of the anti-capitalist left is to contribute to the development of a broad social and political front of rupture and overthrow, for the third memorandum not to pass, to smash the old memoranda and all their implementing laws, for the immediate and “unilateral” satisfaction of social-economic-political and democratic rights of the working class, the youth, the unemployed, the poor, the small and poor farmers.

​It was agreed that the collapse of SYRIZA proved to the broad masses that there can be no other way for the working majority without conflict and rupture with capital and its strategy for overcoming the crisis at the workers’ expense, that there is an alternative to the capitalist one-way route, an alternative based on measures such as nationalization of the banks and big enterprises, without compensation and under workers’ and popular control, non-recognition and cessation of payments and debt relief, immediate “unilateral” satisfaction of popular demands and needs, immediate rupture and exit from the Eurozone and the EU. We fight for rupture and exit from the Eurozone/EU that has a specific anti-capitalist, internationalist, anti-imperialist character, based on cooperation of the working classes and the popular masses of Europe and their movements in a modern socialist and communist direction.

​The agency for enforcing such a program can only be the organized people, led by a reconstituted class-based labor movement on a path of demands, achievements, overturning and breaking with the bourgeois power and the State, for wealth and power to pass into the workers’ hands, for a society without exploitation.

​On this basis, ANTARSYA and EEK decide to work together in the upcoming elections of September 20th. It goes without saying that each force retains its autonomy, under the political-electoral cooperation, to project its own program. Also, understanding the need for the deepening of cooperation of forces with an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-EU and subversive orientation, ANTARSYA and EEK are in agreement that the cooperation in elections is a first step in a cooperation policy course of joint action and theoretical - political dialogue and initiatives, within our common commitment to promote the cause of the working class, for the creation of another left that will push until the end the demand of social liberation.

Athens, September 3rd 2015